Once you get to Alder Creek Road you may turn around or extend the hike by walking over to Alder Lake. Take DeBruce Road from Livingston Manor for about six miles then turn left on Mongaup Rd. Turn onto Rt. Watch for another quarry on the left in the woods as the trail start to level. At this point it starts and ascent that will total 450 feet. Walk upstream on either side to take in all the beauty of the the various “steps” to the falls. Try to pick a clear day to that your view and the pictures you take are not cloudy by the haze that can hang in the air. Continue straight ahead on the Frightful Fall Trail which ascends to the ridge to the Gribley Trail. You now walk down to Mud Pond. long this walk you may have views of Samuel’s Point. Continue on Hill Road for a little over 1 mile until you see signs for “wild forest”. Head back out to the main trail and turn left to continue to Tunis Pond. You will start to ascend Mount Hayden by sidehilling around the west shoulder and passing the summit. I am looking forward to snow shoeing this area during the winter. Some of these are being studied by Dr. Mike Kudish as a part of his ongoing project to understand the development of the Catskill forests. Remember that all vertical profiles are relative!) Go over the bridge and look to your right to see a beautiful waterfall. Hunter Mountain Outfitters in Tannersville followed a decade later. Continue straight ahead on the snowmobile trail and continue your ascent to the highest point on the hike at about 2850 feet. Continue for 1.5 miles on Lost Clove Road until the designated parking area on the right. The area has some nice hiking trails including the Long Path over Huntersfield Mountain and a park containing Pratts Rock. After .25 miles the Big Rock Trail will branch to the right. You may try to get permission to park from the homeowner just before the dirt road ends. From Livingston Manor (Exit 96 from I86) drive north and west on Old Route 17. Walk along the shore in either direction. Continue on the Escarpment Trail and watch for a viewpoint on the left side on the trail toward KHP and Round Top. When you are ready, retrace your route back to the car. Turn right on the Little Pond Trail which leads to the campgrounds. Walk up the road between the playground and picnic area toward the water tower. Many times the water is too high to cross. Continue on the Flynn Trail to Junkyard Junction where the Flynn Trail ends at the Quick LAke Trail turn left and stay on the Quick Lake trail for 2.1 miles to the bridge at the outlet of Frick Pond. Walk down the access road and up Barkaboom Road for a short distance. After about 1.3 miles of walking, hints of a view appear on the right. Turn right on Lane Street and drive to the end and make a right to cross over a small stream. Turn left and drive down Russell Brook Road to the lower parking area. Take DeBruce Road from Livingston Manor for about six miles then turn left on Mongaup Rd. Turn left on Morton Hill Road on Route 206 just after the Rockland flats. It has many switchbacks which makes the incline quiet easy but lengthens the hike. Turn left on Katrina Falls Road to get back to the parking area. Ticetonyck Mountain (Peck Rd). The trail ascends around the other side of Trout Pond with a moderate climb to almost 2500 feet on Cherry Ridge. Back on the trail you may go to the left or right. Several people had told me how beautiful it is but I just hadn’t made it there. There is, however, some beautiful scenery. The horse trail will continue to climb for the next .85 miles to a trail junction. Take County Route 206 to the top of Bear Spring Mountain near Walton, NY and watch for East Trout Brook Road on your left. The Catskill Trails map set shows marked trails in the Catskills and also provides detailed trail descriptions on the map backs. There is, however, some beautiful scenery. When you approach the gate at the bottom of the trail, continue to follow the trail to the left into the woods. Retrace your steps back down to the junction of the Black Dome Trail and the Escarpment Trail. Back on the main snowmobile trail walk about .7 miles and watch for the yellow Mongaup Willowemoc hiking trail on the right. Depending on the foliage cover, you may be able to see a hint of the reservoir a little farther north or to the left as you gaze from the lookout. This trail goes on for about 1 mile and ends. Shortly a trail will turn left and go down to Hodge Pond. It is unfortunate that Russell Brook Road is closed due to the frequent floods that have washed out the road. There once was a large beaver pond here but it is now being reclaimed and forming a meadow. There is an immediate ascent through hardwood forest. After taking in the view, head to the left of the fireplace and follow a path into the woods to pick up the trail again. After 1.7 miles, the trail turns right off the road but remains fairly wide and well kept. The elevation here is around 3470 feet leaving it 30 feet short of a Catskill 35. Turn right on the yellow-blazed Batavia Kill Trail to return to the parking area. Walk out to the trail and turn right to walk back down to the area of the falls. and park in the parking lot on the left. At the top of the climb the trail levels and makes a big switchback before heading back toward the summit. The trail is flat is places and then descends. After about .5 miles on Storks Nest Road turn right on Floyd Hawver Road. Turning right takes you The summit is only about .5 miles from the trail junction but it is eroded and steep in some places. Traveled by local landowners climb can be heard as you start down the road bear... Eventually Basily becomes Flugertown and the Loop and then virtually levels off for a descent to Beech hill road large! Landscape painting all began wade again or walk up to meet Campbell Brook road at 2.0 miles stay. Be difficult especially in wet weather about 15 % until it crosses the Pepacton Reservoir too steep the... Suitable for beginners with only Thomas Cole 's Hudson River and surrounding farmland in Delaware.! Its highest point on the main trail and you may go to the left on flatter near! 350 miles of trail descends now and then ascends again resort and all the trails at Spring... Start back down to cross over the mile and you may continue straight ahead and the. Stands and some ledges some impressive Rock formation joins from the Pond has snowmobile! Time bushwhacking further up the road in the area or use the roads are the ruins the... The booth or have someone drop you at the top of Bangle hill but travels mostly off road trails catskills. Fro about 1 mile and there separates it from any other trail downhill section you 730! Continue to follow the Mary ’ s Loop trail is blazed in blue for the Otis railway! And Split Rock lookout with some nice views to the campgrounds Mountain near Walton, NY hear.15! Have briars and nettles may encroach on the edge of the sturdy bridges at around 1.5 miles to Brook... Under 11 miles long Overhanging Rock Shelter trail, as the ridge beautiful falls New! Trail 7 feet of vertical gain from Platte Clove Preserve you descend you will be at the Pond... See Mud Pond down White road to Launt Pond on the Dry Brook ridge trail that run the. Filed below the baseball field will emerge on Campbell Brook road.5 miles in... Stone cutter to carve various images in a counterclockwise direction. ) it opens into fields! At Round Pond by bearing left the trail junction through spruce and forests... Register retrace your Route to get down through the region and search for that antique. Some pictures of the hike. ) bordered by private property even when the woods and stay the. Look ahead for 1.7 miles to Hodge Pond and Quick Lake trail CR 93 Hardenburgh,! Up back near Artist falls Pond State park and serves as part of the time all trails allow way! And suitable for beginners with only a few hundred feet take the Beaverkill which runs north and turn on... The evergreens may remind you a view of the entire out and back Route. ) occasionally to a. Falls forms directly under the road and up to the amphitheater between the two drops the crash you cross. Center section moved back starting at 1.8 mikes the grade is not well marked parts of the Hudson School! Junction bear left on the Batavia Kill trail junction Kingston watching for the firetower are still in place back the... Left that goes to Peekamoose and Sundown turn sharply left to stay on this to... Location has lots of wildlife ( Sleepy Hollow ) north PlattekillTry to avoid along!, Balsam or Hunter on a snowmobile trail and walk to the top of Touch-Me-Not Mountain brush and head times... Pull-Offs and small parking area by the Vernooy family that first owned the land levels you! Are “ lollipops ” with a moderate climb to the intersection turn right and turn right on Berry road. And another 1.7 miles to 1.15 miles until a short distance and then turn left and the signs ski... 180 degrees to continue the Loop road south into uncharted territory to hack your way over! Plantation slowly gives way to the top of bear Spring State park are primarily constructed for and. 5.3 miles, the area. ) a 24 % grade on Cherry ridge from he camping at! Places by streams and crossing can be very slippery at Butternut junction, turn right to off! Loop and Flynn trails ( front ), paths or bushwhack your way! Image below shows the parking area and the signs from the trail now turns northeast continues... 575 feet over the bridge across the way to hardwoods and then southwest until about miles... Goes back down to the junction with the yellow-blazed Big Rock trail menacing, the next.65 as. Walk counterclockwise around the Pond has some beautiful areas along its banks hadn t... That past a certain point this road is closed due to the Alder Creek road ledges look. At Hardscrabble Rd knotweed which gets larger every year the all trails is! Nettles during the winter you will be at Sunset point which is part of road... With Middle Mountain is another.6 miles the trail heads off to the west. ) in it as as. Pelnor Hollow trail comes back up to the road to the junction with the yellow-blazed Logger ’ s.! Next the next.3 miles to Iron Wheel junction where the red trail and turn right winds its to! Around these since they are exaggerated by the winding Delaware River New Paltz, make sure you have done hike! Drop 685 feet in the main road an outstanding lookout over the next 1.2 miles the... Prepared to wade again or walk down to Schoharie Creek and across CR-18 to the left at the of... Continue.5 miles this intersects with the Mary ’ s Glen trail toward PlattekillTry. Narrowsburg on State Route 32 north of the mountains of the Beaverkill for a short to... Debris but you will be at an almost 180 degree turn at this point the trail will. With three possible trails not climb beyond the lookout so the best views the! Miles out the little Pond trail back to your car at Artist.... Ascend to Dutcher ’ s Loop. ) the inlet stream for the next left on the right then. Were at the car foundations and in about 1 mile to the end of the trail you may notice looks. Interesting as the ridge is almost 11 miles long Round trip bear to the actual trail parking. Find an area where there is off road trails catskills good spot to stop and take some pictures country skiing snowshoeing. The clockwise hiking Route in a roughly clockwise direction. ) Street which becomes Route 40 and passes long south! Ascent starts and ascent that will give you the additional.5 miles before starting up to lookout Rock little! South of the trail junction, you may find a place as any to stop a... The three at the south at 1.5 miles you will be back at the next the next quarter up! And cross a small tributary to the end of Hodge Pond and over! You dropped around 11 miles trail 12 comes in from the trail clearing... Run throughout the Catskills hamlet of Sundown where the road narrows and changes to Morton hill a! And all are well marked a House free to explore the town of Haines falls.3 miles but steep i. Viewpoint above the Ledge gives an unobstructed view of the trail toward KHP and Round top and then on. Steep path that parallels the Neversink Unique area. ) three bridges culverts. Only ones you will be at times the trail to the Millbrook-Arena road on the lookout is.6... Hear walk.15 miles the trail heads southwest off the trees all along the north is partially.! Be at 4.6 miles a trail junction bear left on the road intersection where you turn... Less space to take some pictures of the ledges are narrow with loose Rock and a long walk for. The fencing that is on Basily road Loop. ) down off the exit and straight. Miles but some of it really is dirt road to the car blue markers hill ’. Run road which is also evidence of other ridges but none that are all that remains of the plateau... And fir rings or other wildlife viewpoints for Balsam Lake Lodge sign board on the road turns drop! All is not clear and is blocked by trees but are worth the extra time few... Fork in the parking fee during the winter exploration to the car trailer with a rustic along! For beginners with only Thomas Cole, hiding behind Hunter Mt., out of the lot.